Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Party Poker Million IV Trip Report

It has been a tough tournament. Not because the opponents were tough but because the stacks have been up and down. Matthew had a tough first day, running KK into AA and 99 into a KK. His opponent slowplayed both times. As a result, he was out late on day one.

I had a tough time on day one, too. My table draw was great, I had no recognizable faces at my table. However, I could not get much going and found myself slowly sliding down in chips. After losing flush over flush and a few other key hands, I found myself desperate. I had 1500 left on a 500 big blind. I folded A4o to a raise from the button on my blind and had 1000 left with 300 of it in on the SB. It folded to me and I pushed my last paltry chip in with Q5o. The BB called without looking at his hand and showed K8s. I flopped a Q and stayed alive. A few hands later I picked up KK and doubled up again. I picked up JJ a few hands later and flopped a set against KK. Before I knew it, I had 25,500 chips at the end of day one. I was a slightly above average stack with only 270 players left and 180 getting paid.

On day two I got a fantastic table draw. The only Pro was Karina Jett, Chip Jett's wife, and she was short stacked. I was second in chips at this table and the chip leader had only 29,000. I bluffed him from a pot and took the chip lead. For the first two hours at this table I could do no wrong. I ran my 25,000 stack up to about 60,000. I doubled Karina Jett up when she raised all in with K9o and I had to call from the BB with T6o. She was then crippled on the next hand with AJ vs the BB's 53o :). I called the 53o as the winner when I saw the hand. Then our table broke.

I got moved to a table with Chip Jett, the chip leader. He was in my big blind when I had the button and I was not pleased. He had a monster stack and was raising every hand. We made the money when he raised the big blind who was all in. He showed 67s and she showed 56s. Poor girl! We were all now guaranteed $5,000. At this table I had a very aggressive player on my right and two on my immediate left (including Chip). I made a few moves but the blinds were killing me. I finally had that table break up and I was moved to a table full of amateur players. Fantastic! I blinded off a few hands (at a 4000 big blind, that is a lot of stack!). I finally three-bet a player with TT. He flopped two pair with his A5s and I was gone in 92nd place out of 750 players.

I made the second money level for a total of $10,500. Not bad given that it cost me about $600 to qualify for the trip. I was still disappointed that I did not go deeper but I'll take it!
Matthew and I also played a $200 SnG. He took second for $600 and I was the first one out. However, I played another one and won it for $1000. The whole table was drunk, that was a treat! :)

All in all it has been a successful trip for both of us. Matthew and I exchanged 20% stakes in each other so we both leave here with our trips more than paid for. We will be playing the $300 and the $500 side tournaments as well, so I will post my wins there, too. :)
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