Sunday, July 15, 2007

Little Poker, Lotsa Wins

I guess I should have posted about it, but a few months ago a friend wanted to go to Atlantic City and I said what the heck. I played a $100 tournament, my first poker whatsoever in months. I ended up winning $3000 for first place. Not too bad for a rusty guy! I think that was in March.

Flash forward to this morning. Again, I had not played much poker in the last few months. The dog woke me up early so I played a few tourneys and SnGs. I probably played 8-9 tournaments total and was not doing well. QQ was losing to every hand imaginable. One bright spot in the morning:
Damn! 10,000% ROI is not too bad for a $26 investment. The only reason I had cash online is because I had played a few late WSOP qualifiers (went deep in one, but no love). I hit some monster hands in this tournament and put a lot of bad beats on people (Took my share, too). The worst was flopping two pair with 23s from the BB against a minimum raise. His aces did not hold and I doubled. I also got 3 way action on KK, smooth calling a raise and an all-in, and the original raiser tried to isolate the all-in with AQ. The KK held. I also got 3 way action when I flopped the nuts with QT at the final table. 89 flopped two pair and KJ came along for the ride with just top pair. When it was 3 handed I had one guy playing any two and one guy playing for second. I had over a million chips to their stacks of about 180K. Heads up lasted three hands, as the guy playing for 2nd just started moving all in every hand.

Not a bad day for a rusty ammbo!


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