Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chalk Up Another One.

So the run continued into the day. I just chopped another tournament for $2750:
(Click to see full size)

I was the chip leader for the last half of the final table, and I was really on my game. I did nearly lose three handed when I ran into AA, but I came back to regain the lead. When one of my opponents finally busted the shorter stack, he ended up with 8,000 more chips than me, 50.07% of the total chips. As such, he got to set the terms of the deal. He wanted to take $3K and leave me with $2500, but I rejected that. I am not so arrogant to say I am better than him, but I know I am much more experienced heads up, I had excellent reads on him, and I think I would have won outright if we played. As it was, I got $7 less than he did and settled for a technical second place. No big deal.

All said and done, I deposited $500 into Party Poker last night around 10 PM. In less than 24 hours I turned that into $5093. Not bad! It is funny, I played a few $100 and $50 tournaments, but I kept bubbling in them. I made all of my money today in $20 and $30 tournaments. Feels good to have some game left! I think I need a break now.


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