Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Does time really fly that frikkin fast??

So not a lot of poker lately. I completely neglected to bring a few posts over from ITH so I have updated those. Of the poker I have been playing lately I must say I love the PartyPoker 5/10 6 max tables. I have nowhere near enough hands to say if I am beating the game, but I am up 78 BB in 2100 hands. I cannot believe how fishy some of the players are! I played these games once before in my life and had a 2 hour 40 BB session and thought it was a fluke. I guess not. Funny that I crush 2/4 and apparently crush 5/10 shorthanded but I lost my ass at 3/6 full ring. I just don't get it. Dat dere be poker! I am moving my WPT reports over here, check them out. The trip could be called a success. :)


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