Tuesday, December 14, 2004

PokerStars WPT Event

So far it has been a waste of time. I have been playing a lot of $25 rebuy qualifiers. I have done quite well, accumulating W$ to apply to the big Saturday qualifiers. I have so far stunk it up in those. My last one was a disaster. I need to learn to fold overpairs. I lost KK to 77 on a 872 rainbow board. I bet the pot (700) and he moved in for 2100. Tough fold that I could not make. I then busted out with KK to an idiot who played 90% of his hands. He limp/reraised with T8s and flopped two pair. Ugh.
I had $33 W$ left last night and I won't have time to play another $650 saturday qualifier so I decided to burn them off in a $3 rebuy. Oops! Rather than burning off my remaining W$ I won one of the two seats in a field of 166 people and only used 9 W$. I had the big stack by a huge margin with 7 players left and just never let up on them. Great. Now I guess I will try to find time to play another satellite or just save the W$ for the WSOP qualifiers.


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