Sunday, October 24, 2004

Paradise Poker $100K 10/24/04

Thank you to everyone who was sweating me.

I had one HELL of a day on Paradise today. First, I had 54% of the chips with 3 people left in the Seahorse tournament when the server crashed. This means an auto-chop and I received 1st place money, $1670. Nice payday? Oh yeah.

Then the 100K. I was an average stack all the way through. Then, with blinds of $400, I moved all in for $2900 from UTG+1 with 77. I got 4 callers!! Flop 246. No bets. Turn J. Uh oh. River 3 and I quadrupled up! I was against AQ, KQ, and A9. this put me 9th in chips with about 100 players left.

Then this hand came up:

I am SB with AdKd. A highly aggressive player raised to 10K, on a 3K BB. I smooth called. The flop was T62 rainbow. I moved all in for another 12K and he immediately called with AKo to split the pot. This is important because...

A few hands later I had 88 in MP. I have 28K. I raise to 7500 on a 3K blind. The same MP calls. The flop is 462 rainbow. I bet 10K, maniac MP raises to 20K. I have 11K left. At this point, I pondered for a long time. I used almost all of the time bank before reraising all in. He called with KcJc and did not improve. I crippled him and gave myself a lot of breathing room. Had he not called immediately with AK unimproved three hands before, I would never have made this call.

Then, on the bubble, I called a raise with TT. Flop was 9 high and I pushed. UTG had A9 and I was 2nd in chips.

I cruised to the final table from that point, then it got interesting. There was a lot of jockeying back and forth. I blew off a lot of chips just calling with second pair and dropped to 6th out of 8 left.

After some terrible play by the big stacks, we were 5 handed and I was the short stack. I called my last 19K with JTo on a 12K blind. the raiser had A4, the flop was KKJ and he did not catch an ace. I was alive!

He busted out soon after. A few hands later, I was once again desperate. We were 4 handed and I had 7K left after folding 52o in the BB to a raise. I called my last 1K on the 6K SB with QhJh. The BB had 9s3s. The flop was 33T. I was 5.3% to win the hand. I caught running jacks to stay alive. Amazing!

Three hands later I was once again SB with AKo and I was now up to 50K in chips. I pushed on the 12K blind. I was called by KJ. YES! Flop is ATxr. I said to my wife, I do not care if I get sucked out, I should have been dead already. Sure enough, the turn was the Qd. Ugh. The river was a beautiful Jc and we split. WOW!

A few hands later I called an all in from the second stack with AcTc. He had been aggressive throughout the tournament and was all in from the SB on my BB every time. He showed K8s and I flopped an ace. He was gone and we were heads up, guaranteeing me $15,000. AMAZING.

My opponent had 400K and I had 150K. He immediately offered me $2K to stop now. I bargained up to 3K and we moved all in with crap. He won and transferred the money a few minutes later.

All said and done, I made over $20,000 today. I am still shellshocked. I cannot really comprehend what just happened. I do not think I have ever played poker as well as I did today, nor have I ever gotten as lucky as I did today. In both tournaments today, I had AA exactly once. I won the blinds. The rest of the day was just playing poker.

My landlord will be happy to know the rent is taken care of this year! Check it out!


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