Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Playing Poker for a living 9/8/04

Sorry for the lack of updates. It has been a long week. Over the weekend I went to Louisiana for my sister in law's wedding, so no poker (even though I was across the street from Harrah's at the W).

After some rotten beats on Party, I have climbed from $700 after a $2K cashout to over $1700 in a week. I owe this all to the uber-soft $30 3 table tourneys. I am beginning to discover that my worst streaks are late at night when I am tired. I think my judgement is poor at these times. I need to know when to say when.

My bankroll on Pokerstars has been diminishing, due mostly to the $20K at night. I tend to do well and then lose to a 3 outer (it was my AK vs. and overplayed A9 this last time). So with a $220 bankroll on Stars, I dropped $109 into a tourney this morning. Can you say "Playing over your roll?" In the third level I was sitting on a massive stack of $410. I was all but crippled. I doubled once to $900. Some key hands followed:

I have As8h on the cutoff. I raise 3x and the BB calls. Flop is K47, two spades. I bet, he calls, leaving me with $410 in chips. Turn is the 8 of spades. He moves all in. I called with second pair and nut flush draw, desperate at this point. He has JdTd and my eights hold up.

Next hand I pick up KK. I love my image at the moment. I get raised all in by the CO and the SB (same guy) calls. Flop is KQx to best KQ and 77.

I get moved tables and pick up KK again. The BB calls and check-re-re-raises me all in on a flop of 3T5, two hearts. I think AhTh and call. He has 33 but I catch a K on the river to double and cripple him.

A few hands later I raise in MP with QsJs. BB calls (notes say overaggressive). Flop is K85, two spades. BB bets 600, I call. Pot is about 3600 now. Turn is 9h. BB checks, I bet 1200, leaving myself 3400. BB checkraises all in. I think for a long time and finally call with my gutshot and spade draw. The 2 of spades lands on the river and I bust him. Clear fold, but I decided to gamble with my amazing luck thus far.

From there I cruised to the final table, ultimately chopping three way as the big stack, 70K vs. 50K and 50K. $2500 ain't bad for a roll that was hurting badly.

So I have some B&M plans for the rest of this week. I will be heading up to Turning Stone tomorrow to play a few satellites for their October championship and to play their bounty tournament. Then it is off to Atlantic City to play in the Borgata Poker Open's $1000 tourney, satellite wins willing. If anyone wants to meet up at these spots, PM me and we can make it happen.


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