Friday, September 10, 2004

Turning Stone Trip Report 9/10/04

I spent the day at Turning Stone casino in Upstate NY today. I arrived at 1 PM to play the $50 shootout tournament. It went well until two crucial hands. With 5 players left (two advance), I raised UTG with AQ. An utter moron (my read) came over the top of me all in for twice my bet. I called, and his A3o paired the three on the river. Ugh.

A few hands later I was in the BB with 94o. SB completed. Flop was 344. He check, I check. Turn x. He bets 200 (the minimum) and I call. River jack. He bets 500, I raise to 1200, he moves in. I call to see his J4o and I am done.

I spent the next few hours folding hand after hand at a 1/2 NL game. I folded for two hours. Limp/folded with ATo at one point. A few big hands:

I raise to $10 UTG with Ac2c (we were 4 handed). Solid but wild player calls. Flop is QcTdTs. Checked around. Turn is 3c. I check, he bets $10. I checkraise to $70. He thought for a long time then folded, showing Qh9h.

I have QJo in the SB and limp. Six players call. Flop is QJ7, two hearts. Poor player on the button bets $20 and I checkraise to $70. He calls with 6h4h and catches a heart on the turn. I make a crying call of his $25 all in but miss the boat.

I have A2o in the BB. Flop comes AKx. Player on the button bets when checked to him. He would do this with any two cards, so I call. Turn is a blank, he bets $20, and I checkraise him all in for another $60. He thinks for a long time then calls with K9o. River K and I am dead again. He thought I would bet an ace.

I limp with KJo in MP. Everyone calls. Flop comes KQJ, two clubs. UTG bets $10, I call with another guy. Turn K. Sweet. Checked around. River is the 9c. UTG bets $20, EMP raises all in for $93. I think and think, as JcTc is the nuts, and KQ beats me. He is not a tricky player, so I call. UTG calls. They each have T7s and T8o for a straight, and I take a monster pot, erasing all of my losses. I had not realized that I held the Jc, making the straight flush impossible. Silly me, always memorize your hole cards!!

At 7 PM I played the 3 table satellite for the $1000 tourney in October. During the rebuy period it was nuts. I won a huge pot with Js7s and another with A9. After the rebuy period, I folded JJ and 99 on successive hands to a lot of aggression ahead of me. One of these was a huge stack who was doubling everyone up, but I did not want to gamble.

I clawed my way to the final table, taking advantage of some awful play. I was short stacked, but managed to wait four players out. I doubled up against a loose player with AQ vs. A3 and again with AJ vs. K3o. The player on my BB when I had the button played every hand, and would never fold. He had a monster stack as well. He limped with 67o and called a 5x BB raise with it to knock out 33. He beat AQ with KQ and AK with 79o. I managed to get to the final three as the second stack. Two seats were up for grabs. I played very cautionsly. Had TT in the BB and checked. The loose limper flopped two pair with QJ and I safely folded. Finally, a bad player on my right moved in for less than 2x the BB and I calles with 22 (sound familiar?). I flopped an unnecessary set, as his AK did not improve, so I won one of two seats. I will be playing the $1000 NL event on October 8th. Woot!

I played for 9 hours straight. I never saw AA or KK. I had QQ once and beat JJ in a small pot with AK on the flop. I had JJ once and folded preflop. It is surprising that I only lost the buy ins for the tourneys and was break even for the rest of the day. My cards were awful all day.

Memorable quotes: At the NL ring, UTG raises to $10. UTG+1 reraises to $30. MP calls. UTG moves all in for $70, both call. UTG has 99, UTG+1 has AA and flops a set, and MP has 88. UTG: "Boy, I didn't see that coming!"

In the satellite: "Did you know that with 99, you have a 68% chance of flopping a set? I read it in that magazine over there." Me: "I hope you did not pay for the magazine."

Big day for me, and a long post.


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