Sunday, September 12, 2004

Atlantic City Trip Report 9/12/04

Feel free to read it and comment. I do this mostly for my own benefit, so humor me.

We drove to Atlantic City yesterday so I could shoot for a few satellites into the $1000 event at Borgata. We arrived at 7:30 and I jumped right into a single table satellite. I pegged all of the players correctly and was owning he table. One player kept going all in and showing 33, 44, etc. I finally called him with 99 and busted his 67s. I also raised UTG 5 handed with QJo. The BB moved in on me and I had to call. She had AJ but I pulled a miracle Q on the river to... AMMBO HER! Poor lady had one chip left! At this point I was the big stack, with only one other stack that threatened me. We were 4 handed. One of the short stacks moved all in blind from the button and I called with A9o. He hit a 2 on the river to beat me with... 72s. Ugh. A few hands later, the only other threatening stack moved all in from UTG 4 handed. He was an awful player who sucked out twice to stay alive, so I called with QQ and he showed A6o. Flop of A88 and I lose my chip lead. After that, I busted the other two short stacks and I was HU with the old guy with a slight disadvantage. He moved all in over my raise and I called with A4. His JJ held up and I was done with nothing to show. He told me later he would have let me take the seat for $500 cash. Ugh.

I played another satellite right after. Early on, I flopped a set of threes on a J73 rainbow board. A VERY loose and aggressive player bet $300 into a $200 pot. I raised him to $1000 and he folded. I hated that play afterward. It was a perfect slowplay opportunity and I messed it up. Next, I got KK UTG. I raised to $300 and a fairly loose player (from the first satellite) called me. Flop was A high and I check/folded, showing my KK. A few circuits later, with the blinds at 100/200, the same player raised UTG to 600. I moved in for $1100 total with AA. He called with KJo and turned two pair and I was done.

AA, KK, and QQ were no good in the single tables. The blind structures made it such a crapshoot that a lot of good hands were being cracked by desperate short stacks. I was not pleased with the structure or the level of play I saw.

I decided to buy directly into the $1000 tourny. This was a mistake. $1000 is too much of my offline bankroll, and I saw Paul Darden, Scott Fischman (who I swear was checking out my wife), John Myung, and Freddy Deeb (who actually hit on my wife... twice). I was outmatched.

My table was tough, with only one fish. Disaster struck on the first hand. I had AK in UTG+1. I raised the UTG limper to $200 and both the button and the limper called. Flop was J48 with two clubs. I bet $300 and both called. I then checked the turn and folded to a $500 bet from the button. 1/6th of my $3000 stack was gone on the first hand. I really hate AK. I blinded down for a few levels and then finally picked up QsQc UTG. I raised to $200 on a $50 BB. MP reraised me to $500. Hmmm... I called. Flop was all rags, two clubs. He bet $800. My instinct was to checkraise all in or fold. I thought for a long time and folded face up. He showed me the red queens. Gonna be a short day. I ground out a few small pots and lost a few until I was down to $1100 in chips. UTG raised to $400 on a $200 blind. I did not like the raise, it smelled. However, I had KK and moved in. He called with his AA and I was done. I lasted a little over two hours. I think the fact that I bought in over my bankroll affected my play and made me too passive. Ugh.

I then went to the Taj and ran over a single table satellite to win a $500 seat in an upcoming tourney. A few key hand was me flopping trip deuces (232) with Q2 in the BB. Three handed, I intentionally checked out of turn and then checked behind the BB. He bet the turn (Ah) and I moved in. He called, showing 92o! My kicker played and I took it. The very next hand My JJ ran into AA from the BB and I gave most of it back. The BB then passed the chips back up the chain when his 22 was counterfeited by a 33775 board, and the BB doubled with Q8. The short stack moved in and got called by the other player with A6s. He flopped the nut flush and it was over. We chopped the $1000 prize.

I learned a great deal on this trip:

1) Never play above your bankroll. The $1000 hurt me, not so much financially, but in how I played. I was too passive. When the money matters, so do the chips in front of you, and they shouldn't.

2) Don't get involved early. It is just bad business. I had no reads and no image on the first hand and it cost me.

3) Double check structures. The Borgata satellite structure had been accelerated to pack in as many as possible as fast as possible. The structures were godawful and I would not have played had I known that.

All in all, with this and my trip to turning stone, my bankroll is about even, maybe a little up. However, $1500 of it is now tied up in tourney vouchers... so wish me luck!


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