Sunday, January 09, 2005

PokerStars WPT Event Day 2

I was seated at a table with Hoyt Corkins in the 10 seat, I was in the 6 seat. I took his blinds once, that was fun. Kathy Liebert got moved to the 1 seat early on in the first level and paid me a great compliment. She looked at Hoyt then looked at me (I sat on her left yesterday) and said, "Oh great, I picked a great table." Her sarcasm was heavy. Laughing

I ran my stack up to 24,000 by busting a short stack. He was the weakest player at my table yesterday so when he defended his blind against me a second time I decided to push on him with King of Clubs Queen of Clubs. He showed Ace of Diamonds 4 of Spades. I turned and rivered two pair and he was gone.

A while later the player on my immediate right made it 2000 to go on a 600 blind. I looked at King of Diamonds King of Hearts and reraised him to 6000. He called. The flop was 2 of Clubs 7 of Spades 9 of Hearts. I pushed my remaining 13,000 into the pot and he called immediately with 2 of Spades 2 of Diamonds. He received an additional 2 of Hearts on the river to seal the deal. I am out.

I have given some thought to that last hand. I wanted action. Taking the pot preflop was not an option. He had shown that he could make loose calls and raises earlier so I felt good about giving a good price to him. My wife said push preflop but I had 21,000. I did not want to overbet and get him out. Oh, well. If I never got sucked out I would win every event.

I will enjoy the sun and hopefully make another one of these trips. I feel like I played great poker and if I can avoid getting unlucky I have a great shot at these things. I will return with an added boost of confidence. Hopefully I will make some cash in the side games to pay for the overpriced food. Laughing


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