Thursday, May 25, 2006

Poker Is Funny Sometimes

So due to a big tax bill, a number of other expenses, and poor performance at the table, I cashed out all of my money from Neteller to cover things. I was beginning to wonder if I had lost something in my few months off, as I had only been back a few days and was steadily losing. I decided to keep $500 in Party Poker for the evening and see where I could take it. I ran it down to $280 on a few lousy SnGs and suckouts and finally decided to enter a few multi-table tournaments to stretch my poker dollar. I entered a $33 and a $22 80 and 705 entrants respectively. Results are below:
(Click images to view full size)

A first and a second are not too bad for a guy who is rusty. I made a few mistakes, took a few (horrific) beats, but I came back from a 10 to 1 disadvantage in the first tournament and came from short stack with 5 left to second place in the second tournament. I don't know if I was on or if the poker gods decided to let me hit all of the hands I needed.
One quirky little thing, I folded 88 from the BB to three all ins at the final table of the second place. Had I called with marginal odds (I had plenty of chips), I would have busted the eventual winner. Funny how life works.
Anyway, I have a nice little shot of confidence in my game again. I may play a little more and see how I hold up with my rejuvenated bankroll. Thanks to all who read this and comment. You keep me running.


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