Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Weaning Back In

It has been an interesting few months. I have found myself completely disinterested in poker and as such have not been playing since about December, a span of perhaps three months. Prior to that, I had gone to Vegas, cashed in a WPT minor event, and hit Turning Stone where I had a good showing in one of their events. However, I began to simply lose focus, lose interest, and lose money as a result. Poker was not fun so I quit. Rather, I took a hiatus. Over the past week I have been quietly weaning back into it. I started playing a few of the Party Poker 3-Table sit and go tournaments. They now have a $50 level so I play those when they are running and I play the $30 level otherwise. I try to have 4 tournaments running at a time at all times.

The results over the past week are not too bad. In three days I played 27 3-table tournaments and made $822. That is a 70% ROI. Do I still got it or what?

I know that ROI is not sustainable and the sample size is puny and the results are skewed by two first place finishes in the $50 tournaments, yadda yadda... but I cannot help but smile at these results. I feel as though I have not been away at all when I am at the tables. I fall right back into it like riding a bike; I never forget how to do it. I will keep you informed how my little comeback is progressing over the next few weeks. I don't want to go too fast, after all.

I will also try to be more dilligent about updating this site. I know that I am not playing a lot of poker now, but I have missed a few updates about tournaments I played at the WSOP and a few WPT events as well as the ITH convention and a win at Binion's Horseshoe last summer. I might try to compile a few trip reports on them, but they were quite a while ago. We shall see. Until next time, keep your cards down and your stack up.


Bullajami said...


Glad to see you are playing and posting again. Keep on posting so we know how you are doing!

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