Thursday, March 18, 2004

Party Poker Million Trip Report 3/18/04

I have had this for a while but had some issues getting my internet working...

Well, it looks like I will not be coming back a millionaire. Here is how my day went in the Party Poker Million:

First, I was seated at a table with Chris “Jesus” Ferguson directly on my left. I also had Dan Supa(?) in the 10 seat. Dan was at the final table last year if you recall. I lasted until the fourth level, 200/400 limit. I saw exactly 7 pocket pairs:
44: Flopped a set and crushed Dan Supa’s KK.
99: Folded on the flop
99: Folded on the flop
99: Folded on the flop
99: Paid off the nut flush
99: Won on a 10 high board
99: Folded on the flop

I think we have discovered the new “Ammbo!” Just call me “pocket nines.” There were an awful lot of overcards on each flop that I folded.

Other notable hands:

Hand 1: All fold to the SB. I am in the BB with QcJc. SB raises, I call, assuming a blind steal. The flop comes Jack high. He bets, I raise, he reraises. Hmm… I called him down only to see his AJ. This was right before the first break and put me in a bad way.

Hand 2: Second position raises from the other side of Chris Ferguson. He is a wild player who has raised with JT, 55, and a variety of other hands. I am on the BB with Qh9h. I decide to call (UGH!). We check on the flop, the turn is a queen. He bets I raise, he calls. He shows down QsTs. Ugh again.

I am UTG with only enough to post my blinds. Desperation time. I see AK and raise all in. BB calls with Q4 off. I survive my blinds. Next time around the table, I am on the SB with AK and raise all in. MP has QQ and I get no help.

All in all it has been a blast so far. I met (or saw) Andy Bloch, Phil Hellmuth, Chris Ferguson, Scotty Nguyen, Gus Hansen, Eric Seidel, Men Nguyen, TJ Cloutier, Maureen Fedunaik, Humberto Brenes, and a bunch of other pros. I have made more than $100 in the 4/8 sidegames, too.

This one goes on my resume… I BEAT PHIL HELLMUTH! He was the second person eliminated!

Matthew is playing in the second group, today. Last I saw he is up a little bit, playing tighter than I did in the early rounds.

UPDATE: Matthew busted out on the second day in about 131st place. Both of us just missed our flops. One notable hand from Matthew: He flopped Quads while holding QQ and they raised into him!
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