Friday, August 27, 2004

Playing Poker for a living 8/27/04

Yes, a few weeks ago I made a decision to quit the job and play poker. A number of circumstances led to this decision. With my wife in law school at Cornell and my job keeping me in New York City, I had to make enough at my job to pay two rents (including $1150 for my NYC Studio), and two sets of bills, not to mention travel expenses every weekend. In the past three months, I have made almost as much money playing poker as I did at my job. Quitting and playing full time for a year or two while she completes law school will likely save us money, even if I make less than I did before, as we save the expenses from NYC. She supports the move, as I have moved from the city and am now living upstate with her. I will be playing online and at Turning Stone Casino in New York.

So the results. I won the Langosta tourney at 3 AM on Paradise earlier this week for a $1000 score. I placed second in two NYC B&M tourneys for an additional $1000 each, for a total of $3000 this week. My bankroll on Party is down a bit, and my bankroll on Stars is break even. I plan on getting back to playing a few tables of 3/6 and playing lots on NL tournaments, an area in which I have had great success. I will try to post some progress reports as often as possible, but I doubt I will be as thorough or as interesting as Geormiet and others who post.

Any and all advice and encouragement are more than welcome!
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