Monday, October 08, 2007

6-Max Tournaments

Lately I have had a lot of success in 6 max tournaments. I took third in the FTP 14K guaranteed last night for $1400 and hit another FT last week. In the last month or so I have opened my game up a lot and have gotten almost recklessly aggressive. I think this new aggression helps me out in 6 max games where I only have 5 other hands to make fold rather than 9. In a full game I inevitably either bluff half my stack off or I get trapped by my opponents. In 6 max I steal so many blinds relative to my opponents that I feel I wind up with a sizable advantage. I also looked over some of my stats for the past 2 months and I found an interesting one. I have 12 final tables and 8 wins. If I make a final table I tend to win. I think a lot of this is because so many players just do not know how to play short handed. They let the blinds and my raises eat them alive. The only real down side to my short handed game is that my stack fluctuates a ton. I won a 90 player SnG at Full Tilt last night and at the final table I went from chip leader to 5/5 and then back to chip leader in about the space of 10 hands. It was crazy, but I just kept stealing even after I got short stacked and my opponents just let me.

I kind of enjoy being a complete LAG!


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